LOT 428

€2,750.00 Autorius: Eigirdas Scinskas Technika: Matmenys:


Painting Castle in the forest, 2021 by Eigirdas Scinskas. Oil on canvas, size 147 × 140 cm. This is a unique, original artwork.Signature Hand-signed by artist. Certificate of authenticity Included. Eigirdas Scinskas, 1974 / lives and creates in Vilnius, LithuaniaMy inspiration has come about from a need to find a new form of expression, an original language with paint. I’m extremely physical with the work, each painting has layer upon layer of marks, painted out colour and re-worked imagery. The works are all created out of a need and desire to see work that personally satisfies me as a painter.

Low Estimate: €3,200

High Estimate: €4,000

Start Price: €2,750

Autorius Eigirdas Scinskas
Kaina €2,750.00