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€2,000.00 Autorius: European Art (XVIII - XIX) Technika: Matmenys:

Oil on canvas 51 x 40cm , 2021. Jurgita Nakos (born 1979) is a Portrait painter and Figurine Artist. Her field of interest is urban space, with first and foremost in its centre with human being taking the central role. She doesn't look for any special occasions or individuals - the daily scenes and constant human movement catches her eyes. Casual scenes are the most inspiring - a facial expression, a movement of clothing, a set of bright gloves or someone's head resting on the train - it's all about collecting moments in her personal library.J. Nakos collecting mental images and storing them so one day they may take a life of their own. Memory may be based on a real moment, but the shape of it changes based on an interpretation that gives it its own identity. She does not plan the process of painting, the painting eventually develops on the canvas spontaneously. A work of art originates from the inner self, never to please anyone, but to be a thumbprint of the soul of the artist, the human.Jurgita Nakos: “The diptych Reason & Consequence is about raw emotions, not an expression of wild nature.When one sees the monkeys I would like them to look at themselves. When one doesn't have a choice and the personal freedom is constricted, taken away.How are we more than animals if we can't enjoy culture? What separates us from them? What sets us apart is our ability to appreciate human creativity. Suppression of our freedom of movement causes us hunger for culture in all its shapes and forms, hunger for face to face conversations, hunger for reading answers from human faces to our questions.I painted them because I was starving for things lost. It was an expression of moments when one can't afford to be silent, the scream burning inside, the critical moment when one is guilty without a sin, punished without a court, under a blanket called 'for your own good'…I refuse to show my face. The faceless society is suitable for me. I will take it further... From now on I am the Monkey. No more, no less. Let me see through the eyes of wonder. Let me see through the expression of horror too. If we are not touched by culture, by feeling, by reading from lips - no written language should be used.

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Autorius European Art
Kaina €2,000.00