LOT 421

€750.00 Autorius: Andrius Makarevičius (1982) Technika: Matmenys:

Technique: oil, canvas, 2017Size: 110x90 cmAndrius Makarevičius was born in 1982. on October 13, in Pabradė.2005 graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University, majoring in art, bachelor.Since 2003 the artist organizes personal and actively participates in group exhibitions and projects. He has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Union since 2017.The artist's works have been acquired by private collectors and art lovers from Lithuania, America, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Denmark and Germany. A private nude collector has purchased 10 paintings.

Low Estimate: €850

High Estimate: €1,000

Start Price: €750

Andrius Makarevičius gimė 1982m. spalio 13 dieną,  Pabradėje.

2005m. baigė Vilniaus Pedagoginį  Universitetą, dailės specialybę, bakalaurą.

2017m. Lietuvos dailininkų sąjungos narys.

Autorius Andrius Makarevičius
Kaina €750.00